Thursday, March 12, 2009

Scrumptious lunch with a friend

We went to a friend’s house yesterday to pick up something (of which I’m not going to mention nalang ok). This lady friend of mine called me few days ago and said that it will be ready by Tuesday for pick-up. I got lazy that Tuesday and besides we were already heading out for a walk when she called and reminded me again. I apologized and told her that I’ll be there Wednesday which I did. So the day came and pick up the stuff and she also gave me a pickled pepper. Grown from her garden last year before winter came. She was already cooking chicken adobo when we arrived so she invited us to stay for lunch. Her chicken adobo was so delicious, cooked differently and I just love it. My son who sometimes can be picky when it comes to food ate a lot that time. I knew she’s a good cook and her husband agrees with me too.

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Ruby said...

sarap yan..manok adobo..musta na sis?visiting here!