Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its Like Going Back to Stone-Age

My week seems to be pretty interesting. I’ve been having a problem with my computer for quite a while now. Every time I turned on my computer, unwanted pop-ups are always popping out. Saying that my computer has been infected blah…blah…blah… I didn’t really pay attention to it for I thought it only wanted me to sign-up to that anti-virus program which I don’t need one anyway. So this has been going on for weeks now, until the other night it automatically shots-off and did its recovery thing, the next thing I knew was all my files, pictures and programs that has been installed for 3years now are all gone. For short I was like using a newly bought computer and installing it for the first time, so you could just imagine the few pre installed programs that where there. I was like going back to a stone-age era. 3years of my computer life was there and all of a sudden; nothing!!! The worst thing is that, I can’t sign in to social spark now and I don’t know what to do. Anybody can make a suggestion? I would really appreciate it.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Well its Thanks giving day everybody, and hope you guys are all having fun today. And for those of you who will have company later on for your thanksgiving dinner, well enjoy your sumptuous meal and lets all be thankful for all the blessings that god has given to us. Let’s all be grateful and thankful for friends and family who touches our hearts in so many ways. And of course, after the big turkey dinner today, leftover turkey will be great for another meal tomorrow, like chicken pot pie, and some turkey sandwiches. And for those people who will be waiting in line at the store tomorrow early morning, to avail the good sale there is after thanksgiving, well don’t forget to bring with you a cup of coffee to keep you awake and to stay warm in this cold winter months. So happy thanksgiving everybody.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Was So Thrilled About It.

Well last Friday was my day, you know why? That’s because we went to Seafood City. I’ve heard a lot of things about seafood city, too bad we didn’t have it here in Reno. So since last Thursday was our anniversary and hubby had the Friday and Saturday off so we decided to go to Sacramento. But before we drive and head to the west, hubby quickly check the address of Thrift store located in Sacramento. While he was doing that, I asked him to check also if they have a Seafood City, and you bet they do. And with the help of our GPS, which we bought three months ago, we were able to go to places we want to in no sweat. But I was just so excited I found the "Seafood City" and its only 3hours away from us, not bad at all ha?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Our 4th year Wedding Anniversary

Yes it is, though it only seems yesterday when we both took our wedding vow. Wow time flies so fast. At noon today hubby called and asked me if I wanted to have dinner with him in Reno, so I said yes. But an hour later I changed my mind so I called him back. I thought it would be nice just to stay here in town for our dinner rather than driving 40miles back and forth. And besides were planning to go to Sacramento tomorrow so I wanted him to have a good night rest. And yes indeed, that was actually a good decision and good for me because I was able to ask the ladies at the Chinese Buffet if I can leave some Mary Kay Brochure with them and they said “yes” .

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Affordable Toys Only At Toys Overstock

Good news to all parents or anybody else who would love to give a toy to a child this holiday season. Since Christmas is just around the corner and your thinking of giving toys to that little sprout of yours, well here’s a great website which I’m sure you will really love, its called the Toy Overstock. They have a good inventory of stocks at a pretty reasonable price. Check them out to learn more and see which one will be your favorite toys to give this coming holiday season only at Toy Overstock. I already browse their website and their prices are really comparable to other online stores. At least that will give us a lot of choices and ideas on which to choose from and to whom to give it to. You know how it is when you give a child a present especially toys, they just love it, I know for the fact that my son loves anything that has wheels in it. He’s so much into wheels now a day I guess that how it is if you have a baby boy ha? But anyway the Toy Overstock is under wholesale cost. The process of ordering is also easy its as easy as 1 2 and 3, plus all major credit cards are also accepted. And not only that if you wanted to send toys overseas you can also do that at a reasonable price. So hurry check them out now because the holiday is really fast approaching.

His First Day on Class Finally...

Got a lot of stuff done yesterday and I was so happy with that, but what really excites me the most was my sons first day in a class. He had fun yesterday at our local Library, but not because he had fun listening to the story but he was just so excited himself too to see a lot of kids around. He started going around and trying to talk to the kids which are way older than him. Other than that we also went outside to pick up some dry leaves for their art project. Where you have to put the leaf underneath the paper and start coloring the paper to reveal the roots of the leaves. So I think it’s a pretty cool place to be for your little ones. So till next time folks.

Monday, November 17, 2008

How To Learn To Viral Market

Before I couldn’t imagine how one person can do business online, not even in the world of blogging. When my friend introduced me to blogging, can’t really believed that she’s actually making money on it. And besides didn’t really believed her at first because I thought this is just some kind of scam because they are just lurking everywhere and if it is, I’m just scared for my friend. But I know she’s smart enough to know.
For quite sometime now, I have seen an exceptional development to some of the blogs that I’ve been visiting. Sometimes it’s hard to believe what really a computer can do this days. Besides there are several number of social networking sites that bloggers like us can connect to acquire exposure and ultimately get a wide circulation. Especially if you have a business or would want to have a business, you would like your business to be known publicly. Advertising on the internet is actually the fastest, easiest and most effective way to go nowadays.
But now, since I started my Mary Kay Business I’m very much interested to learn more about marketing. You know your “101 how to questions” kind of things. Good thing that Yovia together with the Marketing Sherpa is offering a free web conference on " How to Viral Market" which will include a step-by-step guide on how to produce, follow, execute and carry-out on a viral advertising campaign. They will also give 7 interactive tactics which can be purchase as a Toolkit, PDF will send one week prior to webinar risk free at a price of just $97. I think this is a great opportunity, so don’t forget its going to be on December 10, 2:00-3:30pm.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm Not Totally Settled in Yet

You may think that since its been a month now after our long PI vacation that we were finally able to settle in and really moving on. Yes and no is my answer, yes because at least out suitcases are back to where it should belong now and clothes were all back at the closet. Yes because our son is already sleeping at night though it’s a little bit late compared before. No, because I still have to make a copy of the pictures taken from PI and I still have to send some of the “padala” to my cousin in Canada and aunt in California. Hmmm, I wonder when will I be able to do that…

MUFA's For Flat Belly Diet

Have you already heard y what everybody is talking about? If not, let me tell me a little about it, its called the Flat Belly Diet . Sounds interesting? Well this diet program was specifically designed for those desperate people who have tried all methods of loosing weight. If diet pills, too much exercise and starving your self to death didn’t seem too worked, perhaps you can give this one a try. You see, not only that this Flat Belly Diet was designed for hopeless people, but it also offers a science base explanation that merge cutting-edge nutrition plan with professional tips and recommendation. This was discovered through the new research that says eating healthy fats or what they called the MUFAs (Monounsaturated Fatty Acids) at every meal targets purposely the belly fat—the most treacherous fat because of its connection with heart disease. Now, the good fat which you can find in almonds, peanut butter, olive oil and even chocolate are the type of heart healthy, disease fighting food. And which is also according to exciting new research can actually help those people lost weight specially around the middle.

I think this is actually good news, you don’t have to spend hours and hours on your exercise machine or take those pills that doest seem to work on you. Just eat the MUFA’s type of food and you’ll surely lose those unwanted weight don’t you think?


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mary Kay My New Baby

Well I have a new baby now guys, I am still starting with it but I’m in fact so excited at the same time. I love to do something and earn money on the side and still be able to watch my baby and be a mommy because that’s a priority. Anyway the baby that I was talking about is my new baby Mary Kay I love their skin products it’s the best. I also had the pleasure of sharing the product especially the Mary Kay and it is really a miracle because you can feel the result right away. I don’t have much beauty routine for my face before, but I realized that as we grow older, our skin needs a little bit of nurture. And im just happy I fount that through Mary Kay . Anyway checked my own website at Mary Kay and feel free to take a look around or send me an email if you have any inquiry. Thank you so much and enjoy

Shop Wiki

Few more days to go and its going to be Thanksgiving, wow I’m kind of excited already. Well you knew what usually happens after thanksgiving, people will be all in line outside their favorite store, waiting for them to open. And were not only talking to small group of people here, but I’m sure you knew what I mean. So if you have the adrenalin, stamina and the patience to do that I think you should be fine.

But if waiting for hours in line is not your ideal type of shopping for the holidays, you can also try the television, phone and most of all the least but not the last, the internet. Yep at the comfort of your home you can get gifts for your love ones without leaving the house. Especially if there’s 3feet of snow outside, well I wouldn’t blame you.

Anyway, one of the website you can check out is Wiki particularly if you knew somebody who is active or loved sport. Especially with Team Sport its actually a great way of socializing and meet new friends. So weather its Softball , Baseball, Soccer or Field Hocky it wouldn’t hurt to check.

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Baby Is Going To A Class

I’m excited for my baby will be attending a class at our local library every Tuesday for 1hour. I think it will be a good preparation for him especially if were already to send him to school at age 3 I believed. I’m supposed to bring him last Tuesday, but since he had a food allergy last Monday, I decided not to bring him until I can really be sure that he’s doing fine. So I’m just so thrilled for him tomorrow even my hubby is really looking forward with it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

It's Done Finally

At last! After canceling my dental appointment last week for some reason (actually my car didn’t start I forgot to turn off the lights inside and it drain the battery) but anyway I was able to call them again last Tuesday and they were able to get me in yesterday, Thursday. It’s a good thing at least I’m done with it for now.

Make Some Money on eBay

EBay? Wow this is a gigantic company already. You can hear them everywhere, from radio and television advertisement and to internet websites as well. Plus I have some friends who make good business Selling on eBay. There’s this one friend of mine who sold his husbands collection of radios online and she actually did pretty well. My husband hobby was to collect and repair good quality bicycles and sells it to people. But now he’s thinking of selling it also on eBay. He actually has some good bicycles that is just sitting on the garage right now. He already set up an account on eBay and I’m pretty sure anytime now that he will start posting it online. And not only that, we are trying to get rid on one of our vehicle, hubby already made a deal with it to his common friend which is actually a very good one though but for whatever reason, the deal didn’t go through. So now we are actually going to try selling it on eBay. He’s just a little bit engaged from work right now, but I’m sure it won’t be for long anymore. I myself would also want to try my luck on eBay. Since we have some pretty good amount of stuff that wasn’t really used. We also keep finding good stuff with a great deal at the store but there’s just no room to store them anymore. That’s why we thought that it will also be a good thing to sell it in eBay and make some money on the side. I’m sure that would really be fantastic.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Alot Has Changed

Since we got home from our 6 weeks vacation from my other home, my son has changed a lot. He doest want to sleep on his crib now specially at night. He doesn’t want to play alone by himself now, even though mama is just right next to him. And not only that, he has full of characters now and always hyper. I guest his not the new born that he was anymore.

Techi-holics Sproutwell Like Some of Us

Hi guys, have you heard about The Sproutwells ? if not well don’t worry about it because I’m going to tell you what The Sproutwellsis. But before that, you can also browse the video below to learn more. So The Sproutwells is your distinctive fruit and veggie family living among human being. They just want to find a place in our world to live in. And not only that, they are also self-conscious and like to eat healthy and is a big fan of freshfunds. Wish all humans are like them too ha? But if you are, you can check and buy some nutritious food from freshfunds and earned points from it. So what are you going to do with your accumulated points? Simple, you can use them to bid on new fun and exciting prizes every week. Plus coming soon is their Apple Macbook which you can also bid. All of these for you techi-holics out there…

I think we should also do what The Sproutwellsare doing, to be a big fan of freshfunds if we want to stay and look healthy. As the saying goes “health is wealth” so see you fellow Sproutwell, I mean fellow humans..


Monday, November 3, 2008

Was So Worried...

Oh man, I though allergy was just a simple thing for kids and adult, where face will turn red and they will start itching. Apparently there still more into it. I brought my son to the Urgent Care today for a food allergy with “Peanut Butter” . I gave him Reese’s Puff with peanut butter for a snack; he had a break in right away and started scratching his face. I got worried so I called his pediatricians nurse and eventually brought him to Urgent Care just to be sure. I though having an allergic reaction to food is nothing really to worry about, but I was wrong because according to the doctor and even the nurse that I talked to, that if my son will have a hard time breathing I should call 911 right away. That is really something you have to take seriously. That’s why good bye peanut butter…

A Wonderful 4 Years And Still Counting

On November 27, me and my husband will be celebrating our 4th year wedding anniversary. Wow I didn’t expect it’s been that long now. It only seems like yesterday, when we were planning for our church wedding in New Jersey and a civil wedding a week later. Boy, time flies so fast and now we are on our 4th year and still counting. Well what more can I say, but it’s been a marvelous and blissful 4years. Happy anniversary honey ko.