Friday, November 7, 2008

Make Some Money on eBay

EBay? Wow this is a gigantic company already. You can hear them everywhere, from radio and television advertisement and to internet websites as well. Plus I have some friends who make good business Selling on eBay. There’s this one friend of mine who sold his husbands collection of radios online and she actually did pretty well. My husband hobby was to collect and repair good quality bicycles and sells it to people. But now he’s thinking of selling it also on eBay. He actually has some good bicycles that is just sitting on the garage right now. He already set up an account on eBay and I’m pretty sure anytime now that he will start posting it online. And not only that, we are trying to get rid on one of our vehicle, hubby already made a deal with it to his common friend which is actually a very good one though but for whatever reason, the deal didn’t go through. So now we are actually going to try selling it on eBay. He’s just a little bit engaged from work right now, but I’m sure it won’t be for long anymore. I myself would also want to try my luck on eBay. Since we have some pretty good amount of stuff that wasn’t really used. We also keep finding good stuff with a great deal at the store but there’s just no room to store them anymore. That’s why we thought that it will also be a good thing to sell it in eBay and make some money on the side. I’m sure that would really be fantastic.


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