Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Was So Thrilled About It.

Well last Friday was my day, you know why? That’s because we went to Seafood City. I’ve heard a lot of things about seafood city, too bad we didn’t have it here in Reno. So since last Thursday was our anniversary and hubby had the Friday and Saturday off so we decided to go to Sacramento. But before we drive and head to the west, hubby quickly check the address of Thrift store located in Sacramento. While he was doing that, I asked him to check also if they have a Seafood City, and you bet they do. And with the help of our GPS, which we bought three months ago, we were able to go to places we want to in no sweat. But I was just so excited I found the "Seafood City" and its only 3hours away from us, not bad at all ha?

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