Monday, November 10, 2008

My Baby Is Going To A Class

I’m excited for my baby will be attending a class at our local library every Tuesday for 1hour. I think it will be a good preparation for him especially if were already to send him to school at age 3 I believed. I’m supposed to bring him last Tuesday, but since he had a food allergy last Monday, I decided not to bring him until I can really be sure that he’s doing fine. So I’m just so thrilled for him tomorrow even my hubby is really looking forward with it.


lira said...

wow! nindot na sya pra motivation.

Sensitive kaayu ilang panit meg no? Sa atua warag wa man ko kita ani unless ra jud tong mga batang yagit. Basi sad ky mixed n sila.

Bisan b ron naa sya eczema?

lira said...

karon ko lng nabasan imo uban nga msg. maau kay naau ra sad diay.