Monday, November 3, 2008

A Wonderful 4 Years And Still Counting

On November 27, me and my husband will be celebrating our 4th year wedding anniversary. Wow I didn’t expect it’s been that long now. It only seems like yesterday, when we were planning for our church wedding in New Jersey and a civil wedding a week later. Boy, time flies so fast and now we are on our 4th year and still counting. Well what more can I say, but it’s been a marvelous and blissful 4years. Happy anniversary honey ko.


joel sanson said...

hi meg,

it so nice to know a people like you, even you are far from zamboanga yet you still try to promote our wonderful city.

joel sanson
rmn dxrz zamboanga

lira said...

happy anniversary diay. wow! dugaya na oi. More years to come.