Saturday, November 29, 2008

Its Like Going Back to Stone-Age

My week seems to be pretty interesting. I’ve been having a problem with my computer for quite a while now. Every time I turned on my computer, unwanted pop-ups are always popping out. Saying that my computer has been infected blah…blah…blah… I didn’t really pay attention to it for I thought it only wanted me to sign-up to that anti-virus program which I don’t need one anyway. So this has been going on for weeks now, until the other night it automatically shots-off and did its recovery thing, the next thing I knew was all my files, pictures and programs that has been installed for 3years now are all gone. For short I was like using a newly bought computer and installing it for the first time, so you could just imagine the few pre installed programs that where there. I was like going back to a stone-age era. 3years of my computer life was there and all of a sudden; nothing!!! The worst thing is that, I can’t sign in to social spark now and I don’t know what to do. Anybody can make a suggestion? I would really appreciate it.

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