Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Some of the belief we have in the family

Aside from gathering 12 different kinds of round fruits and hanging of the kalamansi fruit with red ribbon at the front door. One of my grandmothers believed when she was still alive and has been a practice to my family is to put coins in your pocket or wear something that has circles in it at New Years Eve so you will have money all the time accordingly. And not only that, we try to make a lot of noise as much as we can to drive bad spirits away too and we don’t spend any money on New Year’s Day January 1. This are just some of the many belief we had in our family but I’m sorry to say that I don’t do most of this anymore, except for the part where you put coins in your pocket who knows right hehehehe?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bargain hunting

Yesterday December 26 is the day after Christmas and we all know that it’s also one of the days to shop for good buys. So we started early at 9:30 a.m (is this early or what? For me it is) were on our way to Reno already. So our first stop was Kohl’s, because they’re giving an extra 10% off from your purchase because they’re having an early power hours or something and it’s only up to 1 pm. Well we are a big fan of kohl’s as some of you already knew plus the extra percent off so that’s definitely our first stop. Unfortunately the store is close due to power outage. So we go ahead and went to JC Penny, and all their Christmas stuff is 75% off already plus additional $10.00 off if you purchased $50.00 or more and %15 off for purchased of $75.00. That was pretty neat, so we save a lot yesterday and were good to go again for next Christmas. That was a money well spent yesterday.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Looking back

I was browsing on some of the photos that I took back home in the Philippines during our 6weeks vacation. There are thousands of them as a matter of fact and that doesn’t include videos by the way, because I brought two digital camera’s with me. I was just going to bring one which is the canon... but that camera has been with me for more than 2years now, I love that camera but the battery doesn’t work the way it used to and I’m just afraid I wont be able to take a lot of pictures especially during my sons Christening and birthday party. And I didn’t regret bringing two cameras even though my carryon bag that time was already very heavy. Anyway what are vacations for if you won’t have a lot of pictures right?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My son was afraid of Santa

I took a picture of my 15months old son who’s so afraid of Santa Clause when I brought him to where hubby work. He wasnt able to sit on Santa's Lap anymore for he started crying the moment he sees santa's face. Paul was even holding him already and sat beside santa but he woudn't look at santa's face. Silver Legacy Resort and Casino actually organized a Christmas party for their employee’s kids. Though my hubby didn’t have any clue about it that’s why he called me to the last minutes. Good thing at least its not snowing that time so I was able to drive us to where he worked. So hopefuly next year it will be a different story already, will see...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ai Ai and the Calayan Surgi Center

Comediene Ai ai de las Alas is now the new endorser Calayan Surgi Centre together with her manager Boy abunda, Mariel Rodrigues and Bianca Gonzales. Many were surprise when the comediene attended the Christmas Party Given by Dr. Manny Calayan last night December 17 because for all we know that Ai-Ai is still the endorder of Belo Medical Group. Well Im sure will see more of Ai Ai in the coming days…

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thunder Valley Casino

Our stay in courtyard hotel in Roseville California was really nice, service was good and the accomodation was really great and part of the package that we got comes with a free breakfast so its really nice. And we all had a good night sleep last Friday for we are all tired from the travel and store hopping. Hubby found a good buy in the Performance Bicycle Store that time because they are having a sale. That Friday night we also went to Thunder Valley Casino, well not to gamble my dear readers but to check out the place. Its actually a pretty big casino and their hotel is still under construction. Their parking lot is huge, you have to take a bus to bring you to the casino floor. But we didn’t stay long for its getting late and were all tired from our travel.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

2 Days getaway for the 3 of us

Hi guys got a lot of things done for today like placing a faltering orders online for my customers but I put it on-hold first for now because I may still want to talk to my director about it. But I will definitley submit it very very soon to meet some I call it “dates to remember”. But anyway I will have my doctor appointment tomorrow with my Obstetrician and after that three of us will be heading to Sacramento California for our 2days getaway. So happy weekend folks.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Happy birthday Britney kulit

This adorable 3years old girl just celebrated her birthday yesterday December 9 . Shes the youngest offspring of a great couple Scott and Jocelyn. This cute little girl’s birthday was attended by some good friends and their kids. I saw Britney grew up to be the beautiful little girl she is right now. And her eyes has always been her asset, we just love her big brown eye. So to you Britney Lyn Belated happy birthday and God bless we love you.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Be aware on your surroundings

I have a friend who is now living in Florida, they’ve been there for a few months now and havent totally settled in yet. Well that’s because they have a 4years old son and a 1year old baby girl. Though they both like the area where they’re living in right now, sometimes she can’t help but wonder about the safety of her family. I totally understand where its coming from since I also have a 14months old son. Being in a new place can sometimes be harsh specially if you doesn’t really know who your neighbors are. Well I think as a friend, I can only listened to her that time and didn’t really know what to do and say to her. But now she can check out the Florida Inmate Locator, because there she can specifically search the city and county she's living in. After all its better to be safe and be aware of your surrounding than be sorry later on.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Overwhelmed by the beautiful tree

Oh my God, I can’t believe its only 17more days to go before that big day. We finally finished decorating our tree days ago and our little one seems very excited about it. Every time we are on the kitchen table and I’ll asked him where the tree is, he’ll always look towards the direction of the tree and point at it and say “tree”. And that is what’s always happening every time we go out and he sees a tree, hell point at it and utters the word “tree”. I supposed it fascinates him to see a Christmas tree with all those lights and colorful ornaments hanging on the tree and for him its just overwhelming. That is why its just amazing to see how much he had grown now. I’m sure this Christmas is going to be a great one for us especially with our little one around.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Quality Knife from Bench Made

Do you know some one who loves to go hunting or camping? Well since holiday is just right around the corner, I know of a pretty good holiday gift you can give, and that's a good quality knife. Don’t muddle up your head anymore and trying to figure out what the perfect gift will be for that special someone in your life. Besides what is hunting or camping without a good-quality knife. Bench Made is the maker of Benchmade Knives their knives are actually pretty cool because it comes in different style and color. And not only that their prices are much more affordable compare to other online store. The color black and pink knife would be great for a couple or husband and wife who loves to go hunting, a his and her’s knife. So check them out now.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's taking me so much time

Yes indeed, I started decorating our Christmas tree since Saturday while my boys went to wal-mart for their father and son bonding. It took me awhile to finished decorating the tree than usual but at least I was able to manage it. Were actually a little bit behind when it comes to putting our tree but I guest that’s understandable especially when you have a little tot running around.