Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Be aware on your surroundings

I have a friend who is now living in Florida, they’ve been there for a few months now and havent totally settled in yet. Well that’s because they have a 4years old son and a 1year old baby girl. Though they both like the area where they’re living in right now, sometimes she can’t help but wonder about the safety of her family. I totally understand where its coming from since I also have a 14months old son. Being in a new place can sometimes be harsh specially if you doesn’t really know who your neighbors are. Well I think as a friend, I can only listened to her that time and didn’t really know what to do and say to her. But now she can check out the Florida Inmate Locator, because there she can specifically search the city and county she's living in. After all its better to be safe and be aware of your surrounding than be sorry later on.

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