Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pretty Nice Investment

We were out today at a friend’s house for their house warming. I’m glad that the husband offered to pick us up (me and my son) so I don’t have to worry driving at night though. Although I’m already used driving at night but for some reason I try to avoid it especially now that I'm 7months pregnant. I supposed my sense of balance and attentiveness is not like it used to be or maybe it’s what you called “just being lazy”. Well whatever it is I’m just so glad I have accepted his offer though it’s a pretty far of a drive for him.

The house was really nice, though he said that they were already the third owner of the said property but it was very well maintained. Plus it was located on a hill so it’s overlooking the beautiful city of Reno. Few years ago people usually pays extra amount of money to get a good view of the city but base on what the couple have told me I think it was really a bargain price. Not even half on what it originally cost and that was only 5years ago.


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Wheelchair India said...

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