Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tips and advices on car rentals

I have some great tips and advices which I got from Net Trav . I’m sure for those of you who are fun of travelling or know someone who is, this is a great site for you guys to check out. They have a lot of great tips and advices for travelers around the world from hotels, cars, cruise and etc. So here are some few tips if you are a big fan of car rental. First book at least a week in advance and earlier if possible. Auto rental companies now adjust rates up and down base on demand. Understand the auto insurance lay of the land. Before buying insurance from the rental car company, see what’s covered by your personal auto policy (and, in some cases, credit cards) also, are you buying comprehensive coverage for your entire trip? Well to find out more about tips and advices check out this website only at Net Trav so check them out.

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Jerry said...

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