Sunday, September 7, 2008

1 Down 1 More To Go

Our trip is really getting closer and closer, and I’m a little bit busy now. I started putting all the stuff together that we will need for our 6 weeks vacation few weeks ago. But finally last night, we were able to get into it at last, meaning 1 luggage is already ready and 1 more to go. Not to mention the 2 carry on bag, which we will also be bringing with us. My never ending packing is really starting to get into my nerve now, but I need to really get serious about it, this is what usually happens I think when you have a baby with you, and you just want to make sure you got everything right for its really going to be a very long and tiring trip. I’m sure most mothers who have traveled alone with their little tot before can really relate to this kind of situation. Oh well I’ll sure be glad if this will all be over soon… That’s all for now folks.

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