Sunday, June 29, 2008

The four

Jerlalou tagged me this "the four " thing, Thanks for sharing this madam jerla and for always including me every time u received a tag. Sorry nadugay busy busy man gud...


> What you are supposed to do...and please don't spoil the fun...Click copy/paste, delete my answers, type in your answersand tag 4 people in your lists!

(A) Four places I go over and over: our Kitchen, our bedroom, our computer room & Kohl's ;)

(B) Four people who e-mail me regularly: Frank, Paid Add, Unwanted emails from advertisers, friendster

(C) Four of my favorite places to eat? sub-way, Vietnamese resto, Buffet, home

(D) Four places you'd rather be? our home, PI, lake, Home, & computer room

E) Four people I think will respond: Juliana, michelle, junelle, Lalaine

(F) Four TV shows I could watch over and over: Lifetime, HGTV, TLC and law and order

Now im tagging the people that i think will respond Juliana, michelle, junelle, Lalaine

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Lalaine said...

thanks meg! yes, I'm responding and I'll do this tag ..:) Thanks for thinking of me..God bless!!