Monday, June 23, 2008

Lake Tahoe

hi guys,,, sorry its been awhile now since i made my last entry,, just a little bit busy lately, my aunt and cousin from Fresno California were here for a 5days visit. They arrived last Friday afternoon taking an Amtrak Train from Fresno to Sacramento and Amtrak Bus from Sacramento to Reno. Saturday the following day, we took them to Lake Tahoe, our first stop was Kings beach for a quick lunch then we walk down to Emerald bay where the Old mansion is and the water falls…it was actually a pretty long walk about 1mile down from the parking… And after that long ang tiring walk, were supposed to go to the bike race, but decided not to anymore for we are all tired and wet because of the rain and just decided to go home... Thank God...


vicy said...

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lira said...

kanindot sa lugar Meg. lami kaau puyo dra ba.