Tuesday, March 25, 2008


hi guys, today has been pretty busy for me, as usual theres alot of things that needs to be done and things to attend too.. but anyway, ive always wanted to earn while staying at home, and good thing cause a friend of mine who happends to be at the same sitwation as i am, you know stay at home moms who also wanted to earn a living and i was just so encourage with her story and her experienced that i really wanted to go for it...So she introduce me to this blogging thing which is very popular online and she also send me some links where you can register and one of it is this www.blogvertise.com... nothing to loose all thats what i said to my self all you need is patience and perseverance so i decided to give it a try and hopefully this will be a good start for earning while staying at home... will keep you posted..

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