Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Reminiscing the canada trip

while watching my son today as he keeps making noise with his balloon (you know how children like those screeching sounds of the balloon ) I happened to drop by at the memory lane, you know browsing all your photos that had been saved in your computer, without any reason you just want to keeping looking at them just to rekindle the past.. But anyway I happened to like this photo that was taken in front of the Niagara falls it was actually an amazing view. I remember our time there, we had so much fun, that’s the time when my cousin Caryl was getting married and of course what’s the used of going to a wedding without sigh seeing right? As much as I would love to post more pictures during the Canada trip, but Im sad to say that I didn’t have that much photos,, that’s because my memory card which I bought online hoping to have a much bigger capacity 500photos didn’t really seem to worked and what’s worst is that we came back home and found out that there were only 5photos stored in my camera… Good thing my cousin who was also their because she the maid of honor was kind and patient enough to send me some photos during our trip.. At least it wasn’t really bad at all huh?… I may have lost all the pictures that was taken in my camera but the memories shared during the trip will always be remembered.. By the way that lady on the picture is my aunt mae, who was the reason or shall i say who served as the bridge between me and my hubby hehehe

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