Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mommy time...

Did you sleep well last night? Ah don’t tell me,,, I didn’t either.. that’s because my 6months old baby boy was sick… yes he’s sick, he already had colds few days before his immunization and brought him to the doctor hoping they would prescribed him medicine but apparently not, doctor says just give him plenty of fluid and keep suctioning his nose and hopefully that will help him feel better and sure enough it did really help but not for long because few days after I had to bring him back to the doctor for his 6months immunization. I pity my son so much that I had wished I could help him. But anyway after 3injections and 1drop he seems to pretty much settle down after awhile although it didn’t took that long for him to stop crying….but the following day he did have fever and it took 3drops of infant Tylenol with in 24hours to make him better and thank god he’s now doing fine… Sometimes how I wish I was in the Philippines, why? Well its because you can always hire a nanny specially when you need a “me time”. I loved my son so dearly and I love this job so much (you now the mommy job) that sometimes its not bad to take a break…Mommy’s need to re-charged also one’s in awhile ...Remember a healthy mommys means a healthy a baby.. I think i definitely agree with this... ;)

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