Saturday, March 29, 2008

Music to my ear

At 3 months old my sons very first word was “hi” nope it wasn’t dada as what they will all tell you. We were both so excited about it, you know hearing your sons very first word. Then at 4 and half months he started saying dadada, and then followed by didididi…. The following morning which was Valentines day, while my hubby was in the bathroom, shaving before going to work my baby boy who was only 4 and half months that time just suddenly utter the words “daddy” we were both so surprised and excited (you know how does it feel) I think it was our sons valentines gift for us, it was surely indeed a great one and it truly made our day… Then one morning last week, while I was feeding him with cereal, I keep saying the words”dada dada”, “bababba” and “mamama” He just all of a sudden say “ma” loud and clear, and I asked him if he could say it again, it seems that he truly understand me because he actually said “MAMA” man, that feels better, hearing your baby saying the word mama was actually pretty cool, a music to my ears… I’m sure most parents could relate me to this experienced…And it truly indeed put a big smile on mama’s face that day… Its just a music to my ear that I didn’t wait till lunch time to call my husband who is at work to tell the good news….

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