Sunday, March 23, 2008

free sample

hello,, happy easter to all of you... hope you had a great one... well for today we started our day by going to church, because he had risen indeed.... then went home coz mostly of the stores were closed due to the holiday and had a late lunch... Afterwards we were just kinda hanging out cause its already sunday... men time is to fast i didnt even almost remember what we did on saturday, but for the record we just had an oil change for both cars, so i did really remember huh? But anyway, as i was saying we had a late lunch and hang out alittle bit and went out side for a short walk since weather was absolutely perfect today.. then that evening three of us sat down in the dining table and had a wonderful easter dinner together...(but nothing fancy though about our dinner)
So when everything is said and done the baby is already sleeping peacefully, hubby was browsing the internet on the other computer table while I on the other hand was just about to browse my email when i encounter this website about 20tips from air traveller, got curious though since i will be be traveling with my little tot sooner every little detail on how to make your travel a breeze would really be great... and in addition to that they also mention about this walmart website were you will find/try some of their products free to sample... its so i sign in and hopefully will get my sample for free in a few weeks...thats really cool huh?

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