Saturday, April 5, 2008


Something wonderful and exciting is going to happen next week April 10, 2008, for my wonderful cousin Hans (we used to call him r-r) has found the love of his life in the person of ms. Junafe, well ms. wont be for long anymore, for they will be tying the knot next week already.. Isn’t it exciting? Well according to the bride to be, for 4 years they've been together, they have a lot of ups and downs (I think all relationships are) parted ways and they both went in their own ways, both went abroad until their roads had crossed again.. Is it coincidence or faith? Well whatever it is God is good. To you my dear cousin and to your beautiful bride to be,, congratulations and may you have a fruitful years ahead of you and always put God as the center of your marriage...Good lack we couldn’t be more happier for you guys and our prayers will always be with you as you enter the journey of your lives together as husband and wife...

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