Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Filipino food...

Received a message yesterday from ate Vicky a friend who just got back from the Philippines, she said that the girls were planning to have lunch the following day which is Tuesday for some girl talk…Well I liked that idea and I’m in with it….We’ll just have to bring something to share though and that’s how we usually get together, or if not we brought the ingredients that we needed and cook it in Jocelyn’s place,,, You know chit chatting while cooking is also a fun way to catch-up. But anyway below are some of the foods that we have, I bet you its all yummy and it feels like being in the Philippines..hay cant wait..

Pansit as always...Chicken curry, Dinuguan and the ever Famous Daing hmmmm looks so yummy ha?

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Tanakwagu said...

emm..yummy i love that food especially that one fish, raw or steam

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