Monday, April 21, 2008

It's the day again

Its Monday again everyone, the first day of the week and that means back to work again, even though we all had a two weekend the Saturday and Sunday but sometimes time is too short and you will be wondering where did all the time goes…Well for us, we didn’t do much during the weekend, aside for the fact that we had a pretty strong winds last Saturday we decided just to stay home and my husband finally has determined to turn on our sprinkler system because here in the development particularly in our circle, I think our front and back lawn was the only one left un-watered. Well that’s because our weather conditions here is kinda unpredictable.

So anyway while everybody is busy preparing for work Im here updating my blog, I just finished feeding my son and just received a call from the handyman also that our supposed to be Ladder installation in our garage attic today wont push through and that will just have to re schedule it again next Monday, for me that’s fine as long as they took the time to inform me ahead of time, so I will not be waiting for nothing.

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