Friday, April 4, 2008

Pasalubong from Thailand

A friend of ours just got back from her beautiful country called Thailand… Su-ann was our friends name, whom I have known for 4 years now through my husband Paul, She’s my husband‘s loyal client during Tax season…She’s such a nice lady and I just loved talking to her when we can, (coz she’s also busy with work) Because I can learned a lot of things from her.. But anyway the other day when my husband went to her place to drop off some Tax stuff, she gave us some “pasalubong” from her country. A beautiful letter divider with sequenced elephant on it, a nice pouch for me also an elephant design, a letter opener, and some cute keychain that says Thailand. I took a picture of it and attached it here. Anyway to you Su-ann thank you very much for thinking about us during your trip.

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lira said...

love the designs.