Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I signed up for PPP!

I am a stay at home mom with 1 adorable son who is now 7months old (he’s such a joy to us) ,, life has been pretty good for us though we had ups and downs lately like most other couples would experienced. But anyway since I arrived here in the United States after going through all those paper work with the immigration and after a few denial, finally God is so good that after all everything turned out fine. But anyway, Late last year I met a friend online who happens to be on the same city where I came from (small world ha) after a few chitchat, she introduced me into this so called blogging, that if your willing and patient enough surely you’ll earn money from it.. “I said are you really serious?” I was also hesitant at first im sure a normal reaction just like anybody else…But I said to my self, “there nothing to loose if you will give it a try” so I did, I signed in into this blog website (https://www.blogger.com/start ) make a few entry at first then basically lay low for a little bit, in my mind how will I be able to earn money from this entry of mine. I didn’t really care I thought It was really a joke., until march of last month while my friend was in the Philippines for a family vacation that we chat again, just catching up about what going on and what are the changes in our small but peaceful city, citio de Flores (the city of flowers) and she told me that life has been good and that she’s already earning from https://payperpost.com/ . . Man I was just so encourage about what she told me that I told my self “this time im going be serious about it” And besides I have nothing to loose, and its also a good way to make friends online while you are earning and you will still be able to take good care of your child with out leaving the comfort of your own home and its still going to be a mommy care and not a day care for my baby. I just can’t wait, im sure this is going to be a lot of fun, im learning, making friends and making money also from https://payperpost.com/blogger_signup.html . So for those of you who are like me, who wants to earn an extra income im sure this is surely a great way to start making money from home. I will surely keep you posted. https://payperpost.com/blogger_signup.html

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RickaVieves said...

hi sis good luck to u :-) im sure there are lots of opps waiting for u out there :-)