Monday, August 18, 2008

Excuse me? who are you anyway

Want to achieve a Victory Hair? I think the real essence of achieving the winning Victory Hair is that when you don’t really seem to be trying so hard about it. Just keep it simple, smooth and don’t overdo it, having a self confidence really helps a lot. I think most girls would appreciate it better if you just be yourself be natural and not pretend to be somebody or something else.

Especially if the worst line I've ever heard from a guy is that “hi I like you, I think your cute, would you go out with me?” dah… hello what do you think of me, I don’t even know you.

But anyway if your that type of person, why don’t you just participate in the Ultimate Flirting Championship brought to you by Extreme Style by VO5 so that you will be able to test your flirting abilities and be able to achieve that ultimate Victory Hair of yours. Who knows you might have a bigger chance of showing off those juicy lines of yours. ------------

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