Saturday, August 16, 2008

Victory Hair- My Crowning Glory

My Victory hair? Well tell me about it. I think during our younger years, we all have a story to tell. Just like all of us, we all have our victory hair story to contribute to. Just like me, growing up wasn’t easy, especially when your being raised by a man, my father. My classmates during elementary years used to call me a walking Christmas tree, why? That’s because in order for me to be able to make my hair according to what I wanted I would fill my hair with lots of hairpins particularly at the lower back of your head. I don’t have a sense of girly style and besides what for could you expect from a grade school student? Ever since when I was little, since my grandmother stopped cutting my hair like the style of a man, I would always love to style and accessorize my hair. But I can’t do that accessorize part anymore for the style now days are way different than before. It’s always important for me to look good but not overdo it especially with my crowning glory. And with that, I think I can say that I had quite a number of admirers. Its always flattering and an honor to be admired by someone else not just by your looks but with your whole personality as well. I remember being in college and at the same time working, gave me some exposure to what we called “ The men’s world “. Got some admirers who would keep asking for my name, what time do I go out from school and work, or is it ok if they come and see me. Those were just some of the questions. Now, looking back it always bring smile on my face and with that I think I should say I was able to achieve my victory hair.

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