Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looking back in Memory Lane

As I was browsing the photos that I save from my external hard drive, I was a bit astounded to see that there were already thousand’s of them, I know I had a lot of photos already stored in there but didn’t really thought that its going to be that much ( when I said much, that means thousand’ zzzz of them) . Well that’s because I’m a pictuholic. While browsing or shall I say looking back to “Memory Lane” I can’t help but wonder and be thankful to the creator for all the things we’ve been through and memories that me and my husband had shared. And to the new found friendship here the US. Anyway before being to emotional here, I just wanted to share this family picture of mine taken at the Yosemite National Park 2006. Place was really awesome its like a paradise. Hopefully we will be able to go back there one day next year. I hope.

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