Monday, July 21, 2008

Dada entertainment released new public API and affiliate program

Good news to all of us, who are music lovers, did you know that Dada Entertainment, a well recognized Ringtons and MP3 music provider has just released anew and exciting public API and associated program. This is actually pretty cool. Now I don’t have to worry as to what other website to look for when it comes to ringtones. I actually love to personalize my ringtons, I don’t know why, but I think it makes your call unique and people calling you for sure will have a great time listening to your customized ringtons and not just listen to the same old ringtons. It’s a treat to your callers and it’s also something unique and fun to do so. But anyway I’m just happy to announce about the launching of the affiliate program. They have a lot of cool stuff to offer to their partners, like their Music Affiliate Program, their partners receive unlimited access to this information, a must-have for any music website out there; aside from being a provider of mobile entertainment services they also operate a progressive Music Social Network with over 10 million members. Wow that is impressive. So go check them out to find out more.

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