Sunday, July 27, 2008

Got back home safe and sound

Hi guys, so we finally made it to Idaho and we just got back last night. It was just an overnight trip we left Friday around noon because we still have to pick up the rental car in Reno airport that morning and drove to Idaho for 7hours. When we arrived in Idaho at my sister in law’s house hubby transfer all our stuff from the rental car to the other car for they wanted to return the rental car that very same night. The reason for this is that, The airport in Twin Falls Idaho will be having an air show the following day which is Saturday and the place will be mob with people and it will be hard for us to return the rental that day so my sister in law doesn’t want to put us on that situation so might as well returned it that Friday. Good thing we did because according to Sam (my sister in law’s grand daughter) that the place was pack with people, though they did enjoy the air show saw the angels and stuff like that but they got sun burn. Opps that’s not good.. so to you guys who wants to spend some time out doors don’t forget to put your lotions..

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