Sunday, July 6, 2008

Just another day....

Its Sunday again, 2days after the very nice and colorful fireworks display last Friday July 4. We actually went to see the beautiful fireworks display but only on the distance. Didnt went to close to where it is actually being held for i dont want to be trapped in traffic on our way out. But the place where we stayed while looking the fireworks display was in an ellevated area and almost over-looking the place so I think were good to go on that part.
Boy can you guys imagine that its already July, time is really fast approaching, no wonder its getting hotter and hotter here in our area plus not to mention the smoke that is still going on due to the fire in California. I’m sure we all hope that it will be over soon and that people who have evacuated will soon be able to return to their own homes. Anyway I’ve been busy today, for I listed our SUV in Craigs List website. Yes we are selling our car now, after almost 2years, I just hope that somebody will like it and eventually buy it… It’s a very nice car, drives and runs really well but its just getting too small for us. So we hope to find a nicer one that would fit to our families needs and budget….

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