Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just living and loving

Hi guys, men, ppp a while ago were really over flowing with opportunities… that doest happened all the time, at least from what I have observed. But anyway I’m just glad I caught 2 though, in spite of our busy schedule now. Anyway a friend from the same city back home introduced me into this blogging world, hesitant at first but eventually I gave it a try, I have nothing to loose, were my words. Now I couldn’t imagine blogging not being part of my world anymore I think part of me will be completely lost. That its why ever since I started it Im just loving it. It really helps a lot, for me as a busy mom to an active little boy helps me stay abreast and connected to the outside world. Other than doing some household stuff around the house this is my “me time” when my baby is sleeping. And it has a tremendous positive effect on me. What can I say…

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