Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Busy, tiring but fun day

It was a pretty long day yesterday, I brought my son to his pediatrician for his Eye check-up , good thing everything is ok. Since we get done at around 4:20 pm at the doctor’s office and I will be meeting my hubby at his work at around 5:30 pm so I decided to go to the Filipino store to pick up some fresh veggies, since its Tuesday, the guy working there says Wednesday is their delivery day. So I just bought suman sa gata (sticky rice cooked in coconut milk) and kalamansi. As I was heading back to the casino where my hubby is working, I saw a pretty big and dark smoke in the sky, coming from the direction where im going, got a little nervous because there’s a lot of business establishment on that area and I also called Paul just to be sure that he is aware of the pretty big smoke coming within their area. So when I get hold of him and told him about what I saw, he said it’s coming from the small motel/hotel next to them. But its already contained by the firefighters because when im almost near the casino’s I couldn’t see the black smoke anymore and I can just hear sirens from the fire trucks. At first I was a little bit hesitant to park at circus circus casino because im afraid that there will be a lot of traffic and road will probably be closed because of the fire. But thank God nothing like that. And the fire was controlled before it will create a big damage. But anyway after meeting with my hubby we all went to Kohls department store for shopping. After more than or almost 2hours at the store I was amazed with the stuff that we bought for the price that we paid. Its all so worthy. That’s why I keep telling my hubby, that I just love your clearances here.. and to show you the facts here are some of the pictures taken enjoy..

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Gina said...

wow!!it's really nice if you find good deals.