Thursday, July 17, 2008

Which way are we really going for?

Were supposed to go to Idaho end of this month, but I told hubby if we could change it and instead go there next weekend, that’s Friday and Saturday for us. So he said yes and its ok so we planned on taking a rental car, but after making some few calls to the car rental company today (which I wont mention names anymore) we decided not to use their service anymore. Its way to expensive didn’t realize that it will cost that much for a two days rental and were gonna pick it up here in Reno and dropped it on Twin Falls Idaho. Since car rental is expensive I decided to checked the airlines ticket (one way) from Reno to Twin Falls also and it cost less rather than taking the car rental. And I told hubby about our two options, so we are still weighing our choices. Men everything is so expensive now, couldn’t wait to find out also myself about the prices of commodities back home. I hope its really not that bad…

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