Monday, July 28, 2008

New FREE Connection Manager to Laptop Users

Before when my husband’s typed of worked requires a pretty big amount of travel, whether by land or air he always makes it a point to call or send me an email to see how things are going on even though his miles away from home especially if he get stocked at the airport for hours. It sometimes gets frustrating especially when you got stock in a place and a situation where there’s no internet connection. That is why it’s always convenient to be able to get a mobile connection without paying roaming charges. Though nowadays they make it much easier with wireless connection. No more worries on all the wires attached to your laptop PC. But even though this is the case being in a different places setting your laptop computer requires diverse types of internet connections with an assortment of different settings to be able to work correctly, requiring the system to be reconfigured every time you shift from one network to another. And this means a lot of work. Now there a good news, Avanquest Software has produced and constantly producing leading titles in the communication, PC utility, small business and creative software space. Connection manager is the product of this knowledge, bringing an unbelievable tool to the laptop PC society at no cost. Heres more:
Press Release:
Avanquest Software, a leading developer and publisher of business and consumer software for the global PC market, has released its new and powerful Avanquest Connection Manager tool, worth $29.95, for FREE. This title will save laptop users time and effort as it simplifies the process of detecting, selecting and connecting to different networks, printers and other peripherals whenever they change their location. Today, mobile computer users often access public and private networks from many places they visit, from coffee shops and offices to airports and hotels. This usually requires different types of internet connections with a variety of different settings to be able to work properly, requiring the system to be reconfigured every time you move from one network to another. Avanquest Connection Manager allows laptop users to save time and avoid frustration by automatically: * Detecting and storing preferred settings for each location. * Selecting and identifying the settings if they return to a previously visited location. * Connecting to preferred settings and peripherals for that particular location Avanquest Connection Manager enables laptop users to automatically disconnect and reconnect to different networks and peripherals every time they change location, making it much more than just a wireless connection manager. Preferred network connection settings for the internet, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), email clients, default printers and disk drives are all remembered for future use, allowing users to visit locations and not have to re-enter any configuration information. To get your free copy of the full retail software package of Avanquest Connection Manager visit : To learn more about how the software works visit:
they want this title to be enjoyed and shared and let people see what type of quality products they make without having to spend a cent. And all you have to do is try it and Get it Now!

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