Thursday, May 29, 2008

Great Site for the right price

Shopping… shopping… shopping…. I love shopping, who doesn’t right? Especially if I can get a really good buys, and besides why pay the full price if you can get it at a much cheaper price… you would think that only women are fun of shopping, I think not, because you know what, my husband loves to go shopping to, and he’s my buddy when it comes to shopping, I guess im just lucky because my hubby has the time, energy and patience to go shopping with me. We want to take a look around, compare prices and see who has the best deal, hey I’m not embarrassed to say that we love clearance or bargain shopping, however you wanted to call it. Its because you get a lot from your money to almost next to nothing. Some of my friends where even telling me, that every time they go to the store and shop together with their husband (no offense), they cannot take a look around anymore, for most of the time they will just go to the store and buy the item straight from the rack right away without even looking around. I think it’s a guy thing or what. Because unlike my hubby he also enjoys looking around, and for most of the time, every time we go to some of our favorite store like JC Penny, Kohls, Target and to mention a few, the moment we reached inside the store and grab each other a cart, we often says, “ok ill see you around or ill call you when I’m done” .
But anyway, Black Friday (the day after thanks giving) is also a good time to shop, for most of the stores; they really offer a good bargain. I mean it when I said really cheap. But the thing is, I don’t have the time and energy to woke-up at 5am to be in front of the store waiting in line. And not to mention that there’s hundreds of you waiting in line also… good thing if you will be the first in line. But for most cases its not. Well here’s a good news for you there’s a website online call cyber monday . This website let people purchased Black Friday items online without even leaving your house at 4am and wait and in line for hours. So you can still shop the things that you like. So go check them out, click here cyber monday

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