Saturday, May 31, 2008

Funny me,

I went to wal-mart today (wal-mart here in our place opens not too long ago), but instead of driving my SUV I used my hubby’s car so that I can filled it up with gas, and hubby wont have to worry about it for work tomorrow since his not feeling well and my son Christian was left at home with him also. I thought it would be better and easier that way so that I’ll be able to ran household tasks faster without even worrying about my baby. Anyway, after paying for the few items needed for that day (coz I was also there the day before for my monthly grocery) I immediately went out and started looking for my SUV, I knew in my mind that I was heading for the same direction where I park the car, too bad I cant find it, I stayed at the parking lot for a few minutes and started thinking where exactly the car was, because I’ve been going back and forth and couldn’t find my maroon SUV. I started laughing when all of a sudden I remember that I wasn’t driving my SUV at all hahhaa… Did you guys ever experience this? Or just spend a good amount of time in the parking lot for you couldn’t remember where exactly you park your car.


Pinay WAHM said...

LOL! At least you remembered before calling your husband...hehe.

Never happened to me kasi I don't drive...haha. But I see myself doing that in the future....

Thanks for the hop...hope your hubby's feeling better now.


lira said...

hehehe..kalingaw sab ani meg oi. katawa man ko nmo oi. naanad man gud ka sa imong sakyanan.

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Bill & Gina said...

we have had that happen a couple of times. I really like your site want to exchange links? Take care and have a great weekend.

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