Monday, May 19, 2008

My baby's Fav toy

Well Jerlalou tagged me with this BABY'S Favorite Toy thing... Thanks madam for sharing this to me. Well for my son christian is only 8 months old, I dont think he has his favorite toy yet, though hes amazed and gets so excited when he sees something new and something shiny. But lately i have observed that he liked his toy train, coz when you turn the end wheel of it, it will make a train sound plus it also serves as a flashlight. So he knows which wheel to turn too to create a sound and which part of the train toy to press for the light to comes out. It just amazes me seeing my little boy trying to figure out stuff and how their little minds really is working. I dont have a picture of my son with that train toy that i was just talking about, but i hope this one will work.

Here are the rules:

Post a photo of your baby with her/his first ever favorite/comfort toy. Write some details of your fondest memory of your baby and her toy (like what I did above). This will make a good memento when your baby grows up!

Lastly, before you pass this on to other mommies, don’t forget to add the link to your website/s at the end of the page. I’m sure many moms would love to see your sites, too!

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