Thursday, May 15, 2008

SocialSpark is Live!

Psstt… hey you! yes you, have you heard about the latest news already? Not the latest news about brangelina (Brad Pitts and Angelina Jolie) though I know that they’re expecting another baby again and guess what its a twin. But anyway the latest news that im talking about is all about a website online where you can monetize your blog. Yes, its about making money again in your blog. Isn’t that neat? I’m talking about SocialSpark and its actually alive now. As a matter of fact I already signed up with them few days ago. Isn’t it nice that bloggers like me and you can be a part of this great website called SocialSpark. Now let me tell you some of the few things that I like about SocialSpark of IZEA. But before that i wanted to share with you two of my favorite profile. First its my friend's profile Jerlalou, though she already signed up with SocialSpark, you can click here so you can check out her nice site. Anyway you may be wondering why i choose Jerlalous profile, well let me tell you why, fist, Jerlalou was the one who introduced and thought me how to blog, shes very patient and accomodating to some of my questions. Second, i like her blogs because not only you will be able to learn a lot of things from her but she will bring you into her world, her world as a mom, as a friend, and as a blogger and consumer. And my next favorite profile is my mine of course, why? well i love to be able to share to people or my visitors actually about my thoughts, my experienced, my travel, and anything that i could share with them through my blog, and hopefully be able to learned from it.
So now lets go back to some of the few things that i like about this website, first, you can build a community with SocialSpark where you will be able to meet with other registered users. In that way, you not only meet new friends, but it will also help you increased traffic in your blog and hopefully increase your page rank as well. You can also put down an encouraging or unenthusiastic vote or low evaluation to other users and opportunities. As if they knew what’s on our mind, because with SocialSpark alone its like a one stop shop. Everything you need and hope for is all here in SocialSpark . Wait! There’s still more, aside from the wide variety of opportunities being offered in SocialSpark its also 100 % Audit-able in post disclosure. 100 % Transparency and Real Opinions and its also 100 % search engine friendly. And speaking friendly, if your having trouble and needed some help, Customer Love department is always available for you, either by signing up to chat with them live or call to speak to someone. SocialSpark website was just really nice and organized that i don't think there's still anything else left that needs to be done. So to SocialSpark keep up the good work and goodluck. And to all my fellow bloggers what are you waiting for? Act now and enjoy the benefits of SocialSpark . See you there…

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Jerla Oh lalala said...

uy ka nice ani imong post.... thank you for appreciating sa tanan!