Sunday, May 11, 2008

Thanks honey...

Today was mothers day May 11, but since Paul’s work schedule had changed that’s why we decided to proceed our mothers day dinner last night Saturday, given that today wont really be a good idea to go out because restaurant will be mob with people. So there were 4 of us, my hubby Paul, my mother in-law who will be staying with us for a few days, my baby and of course my self. I was just excited last night for it was our first time out together as a family especially during mother’s day (since I’m a first time mom). Paul wanted to give me a new camcorder for mother’s day but I said “no”, since my camcorder which we bought 3years ago still works fine so there’s just no sense spending money to what we already have. I told him if you really wanted to give me something perhaps you can bring us to dinner, so that’s what the dinner is all about last night or a mother’s day card would also be great.

So today mothers day, hubby’s at work so me, Christian and my mother in law just stayed home just kind of chilling out. To my surprised when hubby got home from worked he hand me a mothers day card which is so nice and a digital picture frame which I really didn’t expect. It’s funny because I’m actually thinking of giving him a digital frame also for father’s day where he can put it on his table at work. So now, I may have to think of something else again on what to give him for father’s day… Anyway that’s still going to be on the 3rd Sunday of June so I still have plenty of time to think about it…


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