Sunday, May 18, 2008

Have you tried playing Paintball?

My friend from back home who is a big fan of paintball held a paintball birthday party for her husband. My friend’s husband was just so excited about it, I can still remember his face when my friend told her husband about her surprised. And saw him few days later and the excitement and joy was still there, you just can tell. According to my friend’s husband, that he himself just had a blast and so are his friends. I told my friend here about it and didn’t know that he also like this kind of sport. So this kind of sparked his interest in paintball. And he said that if everything goes as plan this will be his first time in real life to be ever playing paintball. You know he just want to try it just to say that he had experienced it. From what my friends back home had told me, I think it’s a pretty cool thing to do and experience. So after several trips to the local paintball store and a lot of internet searching, my friend came across with this cool website about paintball. They have these great prices and according to him he performed a sort of matching deal to get the lowest price. And he found that this Paintball website has the best prices and gear assortment online coz even in town you wont be able to get this kind of deal. And he wasn’t completely satisfied yet, so he did some more extensive web searching, and realized, that he did not have to search no more; this paintball website has it all and does not burn a whole in his wallet that other sites would. So he bought this Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun its just an amazing deal that you wouldn’t be able to find it in other site or store. And not only that he also purchased this Tippmann gun and empire digi urban e-Vents thermal Paintball. Included in his search were other suggested products to purchase.. This was a one stop shop. And he’s just so glad he chose this paintball website to purchase his new paintball equipment. I didn’t think that my friend was this determined to really try this sport. The first time he played according to him was that, he did a lot of crawling in the dirt. They played team and individual events for about 4 hours and had a blast. This was the best time he have ever had, he admit, he sort of avoided playing in the past because he suspected he would get hooked, and his wife keeps reminding him that he do not need another expensive hobby. Well this sport and this paintball website online keeps him in the game. Their prices are great and his wallet stays fat. No worry about having “another expensive hobby; at this website they mean affordability and quality. He was thankful he did give it a try though. So to you guys and girls out there start checking out the sport, you will be glad you changed. And remember, this paintball website for all of your paintball needs, you will be glad you did.

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