Saturday, May 17, 2008

It was a fun friday...

Hi guys, yesterday was Friday, its my hubby’s day off from work, well according to him it was his Saturday yesterday and today Saturday was his Sunday... That’s what usually happened when you have a new work schedule, but for us its ok, it will only takes a little bit of adjustments and were good to go... So yesterday we went to California, I wasn’t exactly sure where it was, as far as i know its 1hour and a half away from Susanville, for short its about 3hours away from us. Its a pretty long drive ha? But its worth the drive because we went to what they called the subway cave, its actually pretty neat inside, ive never been to a cave before thats why i was so excited about it, and its not the kind of cave where you see on Television where theirs bat and pretty weird animals, its nothing like that. I was worried with my little one at first because i thought he's actually going to cry because its too dark and a little bit chilly inside, good thing he was amazed with the flashlights so he was kind of entertained with that. Out next stop was lunch of course because its already 2pm when we pretty much left the place. But after that, we head to our next destinations now and its the Burney falls, men, the falls was pretty awesome, we really enjoyed it a lot, my baby Christian was also having fun, i thought he will start to get fuzzy but he did really well and just so excited about it. On the other hand, my mother in-law who drives across country (North Carolina) was also having so much fun, though she’s having a hard time with her knees because she had a bad knees but she surely had a great time also. Then our final stop for the day was the lake, Burney Lake, we didn’t stayed long because its getting late and its time to go home, don’t forget were still 3hours away from home... but like what i said its worth the drive, and we all had a great time. click here to see more photos . Thanks