Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tips from the Expert

To all the mommy's out there, are you tired of playing guessing games why your little one who wouldn’t just stop from crying? well here are some useful Tips from the expert, Dr. Harvey Karp's five S'S

The renowned pediatrician and author of the Happiest baby on the block (Bantam, 2005) recommends these five simple steps for calming a newborn.

Swaddling- Use a light blanket to make a “baby burrito”.
Side position – Lay baby on her side so she’s facing you, and then draw her close an cradle her head with your top arm.
Shushing sounds- The womb was a noisy place, so baby will find the sound of white noise of your shushing comforting.
Swinging- Use your arms or a baby swing.
Sucking- There’s a reason why binkies are truly beloved

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