Friday, May 30, 2008

Im not a super woman...

Hi guys, it’s been a week now since we got back from our 3days trip to Idaho, I haven’t really settled everything yet , you know put everything where they should belong and stuff like that because I still have a lot of things to do, like laundry, dusting, vacuum at least 2times a week if possible, folding the laundry, and a lot more, and of course not to forget the most important thing to do in my “to do list” is my mommy duty (that always comes first, no matter what) Im not a superwoman or I don’t have a super powers to do everything all at ones, wish I have, hehehe but that doesn’t work that way. Especially now that my baby boy is already crawling, men he’s all over the place now… Its funny because a lot of my friends has been telling me the same thing, that this is the stage where you have to run after them. Before one’s you put him or lay him down on the same place minutes later he will still be there, or not exactly, kinda…he may be rolling all over the place but its not the same as he is crawling…So now you really have to keep an eye on him…and I think this is really the time to make the house child friendly, although we’ve been planning to do it few months ago and bought some of the safety stuff like plug protectors, door knobs covers, cabinet and drawer latches, furniture corner cushions and who knows what else do we need. But we just doesn’t have the time really.

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