Saturday, May 10, 2008

Thanks PPP

I was so excited at last, my first post about I signed up for PPP has already made me money, I’m sure a lot of you would understand and would be able to relate on me regarding this, its always nice to earn money specially if its your hard earned money. Its been awhile since I felt this way though, that was when I was still back in the Philippines working. That’s why I’m so thankful to the Lord God for all this blessings and of course to Jerlalou for introducing me to the world of blogging…Its just amazing how you will be able to share your thoughts and experienced through blogging and at the same time earn from it and its all within the comfort of your home, and not only that, you will still be able to take care of your baby and wont worry about daycare.
So to PPP, thank you very much for all the opportunities that you have given to me and hopefully this will only be the beginning, and I’ll be looking forward for more opportunities to come. And to all the bloggers out there continue what you love to do the most, keep earning and thanks for all the visit and God bless us all…So for this of you who didn’t signed up yet with PPP its not yet to late…happy blogging to all…